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Do you require oil boiler installation in Carlisle and Cumbria? Oil Fired Cumbria is a service provided by an OFTEC registered Carlisle based heating engineer. This means that we are fully qualified to work with oil boilers and heating.

Our company have over ten years experience, and we specialise in the supply, installation and repairs of heating systems, boilers and cookers. With our high-quality range of oil boiler services, our professional team have all your oil-fired systems covered for an affordable price.

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Oil Boiler Installation Carlisle and Cumbria

What is an oil combi boiler?

Today, more than half of all new boiler installations are combi boilers; it is most likely because they are compact. The all-in-one units make installation easier than traditional boilers that require a storage cylinder or water tank.

Combi boilers will produce hot water for your home and central heating system when required. It is a more convenient system for many homeowners and means energy bills are kept to a minimum without keeping a constant tank full of hot water.

Combi boilers are available in varying sizes. The size you require will depend on the demand for heating and hot water in your home.

Is an oil boiler right for me?

Oil-fired combi boilers are ideal for smaller houses and flats. However, if you have more than one shower or bathroom, you might require a system boiler with a hot water storage cylinder, this will increase the hot water capacity of your system.

A new oil tank is usually installed outside, either below or above ground. It is connected to the boiler in your property by pipework. The oil is then fed to the boiler, the oil is burned, and the resulting energy is used to heat water for your home.

Gas boilers are the UK's most popular method for heating homes. However, if you live in one of the four million households not connected to a mains gas network, you might have to rely on a different fuel for your central heating systems, this fuel is oil.

A reliable boiler can save you both money and stress in the long run because boiler breakdowns are both highly inconvenient and costly to mend.

All new oil boiler installations will make use of condensing technology and will adhere to the latest guidelines for efficiency. A condensing oil boiler is designed for recycling the heat with an extra heat exchanger. The hot exhaust gases will pre-heat the water in the boiler system, therefore reducing energy consumption and costs.

Oil fired boilers do practically everything that a conventional gas-fired boiler does, and as with gas boilers, you can choose from combination oil boilers or conventional heat only.

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Oil Boiler Replacement: How much does a new oil boiler cost?

£ 1,100/year

On average

One unit of heating oil is approximately 6p/kW; the average cost of oil heating for a typical 3-bedroom property is £1,100 per year. However, these prices aren't accurate for every home.

An oil boiler can be more expensive to run than a gas boiler. However, it's cheaper than electric boiler prices or LPG. 

Oil Boiler Replacement: How much does a new oil boiler cost?

The running costs depend on certain factors, such as boiler efficiency and the changes in fuel prices throughout the year. There are various tank sizes available. Most people may purchase a tank that will hold sufficient oil to fuel their home for between 6 and 9 months.

If you have a reasonably large tank, you can order your oil in bulk when oil is reasonably priced. You can purchase two different types of oil for domestic heating. These are gas oil (red diesel) and kerosene.

Types of oil that boilers use

The type of oil you require is dependent on the type of boiler you own. Some oil-fired boilers take both types of oil. Kerosene is the most efficient oil; most people with a boiler that can take either fuel choose to use this type.

Your oil is delivered in a tanker, so there needs to be sufficient access to your home and storage tank. When you require oil, the tanker will arrive at your location.

The tanker will pump the oil into your storage tank (located outside). Some suppliers will even deliver your oil when you're not at home, provided they are given easy access to your storage tank. Oil boilers are available in a range of sizes (heat outputs) and types.

We highly recommend you always ask a qualified heating engineer to discuss with you the right boiler for your home and needs. Sizes of storage tanks tend to start at 1,000-litre capacity; however, they can be as high as 3,500 litres – although it's rare that a domestic property would need a tank of this size.

When you have chosen the size of storage tank you require, it should have a gauge so you can ensure an accurate track of your fuel levels. You can then reorder your fuel in good time to save you running too low. We can give you a free quote for a new oil boiler, including installation costs.

If you are ready to install an oil boiler, contact our expert today. Call 01228 522445 today or send us a message by completing our contact form.

Oil Boiler Replacement: Things to consider before buying an oil boiler

The idea of installing an oil boiler probably seems ridiculous. After all, let's face it, today's gas-powered combi-boilers are energy efficient and incredibly compact.

buying an oil boiler

While boiler replacement parts for oil heaters were once hard to source, they are much easier today. There are an estimated four million households in the UK that are not currently connected to the gas grid. It means they have to rely on alternative fuel sources such as oil or electricity for heating.

You might consider installing an oil boiler to minimise the cost of heating your property. If this is the case, there are some things to keep in mind before you go ahead with any installation.

You should also consider a consultation with plumbing and heating experts if you need more advice or information regarding oil boilers or are looking to book an installation. Oil boilers are designed and sold in various models, including conventional, combi and system units.

Larger oil boilers will cost you a little more. However, these units tend to have additional capacity. It enables you to store much more copious amounts of fuel. You can buy oil from suppliers in bulk, which can give significant financial savings over time. If you live off-grid and want a viable fuel source, oil offers efficiency and clear cost advantages.

Oil condensing boiler

You might want a modern oil condensing boiler installed; this type of unit helps to recycle waste flue gases and will, over time, increase operational efficiency.

If you decide on an oil combi boiler, you should note that this unit comes with its own built-in hot water storage. It is a considerable space-saver, which is ideal for small properties located off the grid.

Oil condensing boiler

Choosing the right type of oil boiler is extremely important, so be sure to research the market before making an informed selection. An oil boiler can be fitted with open flues. A balanced flue is recommended since it's far more versatile and efficient.

The flue is a pipe or duct designed to connect heating appliances to fresh air and allow combustion gases to be safely released. It is often referred to as a 'balanced flue' or 'open flue'.

How often do I need to service my boiler?

If your boiler is not serviced annually, it poses a higher risk of breaking down. Do not only be concerned about the cost of fixing your boiler, but also the risk it can pose to your health. This is the case with all fossil fuel-burning appliances.

Inadequate servicing can cause carbon monoxide generation, which is exceptionally hazardous to you and your health. Every part of your boiler should be cleaned, checked and replaced if needed. A full annual service makes sure your boiler is functioning correctly and efficiently.

The water tank should be tested for any contamination. One of the main advantages of oil boilers is the higher efficiency they offer. They will recycle the waste gases that build up in the flue, which then provides more energy production, this improves your home heating and hot water production.

If you are ready to install an oil boiler, contact our expert today. Call {phone_number today or send us a message by completing our contact form.

Oil Boiler Replacement: When's the right time to get a new oil boiler?

Even if your existing boiler is still working, it is a good idea to replace a boiler when it's been heating your house for around 10-15 years.

When's the right time to get a new oil boiler

Also, if your oil boiler still operates, boilers will lose their efficiency over time, and if a fault occurs, sourcing and finding parts for older boilers are more challenging.

10-15/ years

In Summer

Summer is the time of year that we don't rely on our boilers quite so much. Summer is the best season to install a new boiler and be ready to save during the winter when our heating demands increase.

Winter is the busiest time for the majority of heating engineers, who are not only installing new boilers but also have to rush out to fix frozen pipes, radiators and breakdowns.

It is a good idea to take advantage of the quieter months. You are more likely to get an appointment at a time to suit your schedule. Waiting until your boiler breaks before you replace it could result in you having a broken oil boiler in the middle of winter when the weather is much colder.

It could mean calling out a plumber for emergency work at a less convenient time. If you replace your boiler in Summer or even just have it serviced, the risk of a boiler breakdown over the colder months is far lower.

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